The concept is simple and it is what I tell my players after every game before we go through the handshake line.

Win with grace, lose with dignity.

A video just surfaced on earlier today from @b757fo_jim and @cut4 of two friends, and they were friends first…but these two friends just happen to be facing each other in a baseball game where the winner gets the chance to move on to the state championship and as the old adage goes, the loser goes home.

One is on the mound, the other at the plate – friends.

Ahead in the count, the pitcher throws a fastball (or what appears to be a fastball) for the backward K, batter gets caught looking and just like that the ball game is over.

Win with grace

The fielding team, rush the mound, ready to dance and shout, but the pitcher runs to home plate and embraces his friend.

Lose with dignity

The world stops around these two friends as just for a moment, their friendship is the most important thing in the world.

The pitcher eventually makes it to the party with his teammates, for what must be very bittersweet.

This is class