Coaches love building other coaches up.  After you have coached for numerous years, you love looking back at your coaching family tree and seeing the branches.  We hear about those branches all the time in the NFL.  Recently, one of college football’s big tree’s went and visited one of his branches.  Lou Holtz was the Head Coach at the University of Notre Dame and at the University of South Carolina and at both stops, Charlie Strong served as a defensive assistant.

Charlie Strong is now the head coach at the University of Texas and has earned great praise for his willingness to hold his players accountable for their actions.

Holtz visits with the team about their willingness to work hard and achieve their goals.  He talks about simplifying things in their lives and not making them more complicated then they need to be.

Do you realize that there are only five colors of the rainbow, look what Michelangelo did with those five colors.

On the board Holtz asks the players a few questions about their goals for the upcoming season.

1.  What price am I willing to pay to win?
2.  What talents and skills do I have to acquire?
3.  Who do I have to work with to do it?
4.  What problems are we going to have to overcome in order to do it?
5.  What kind of choices am I going to make between now and then?

The best part of the video comes at the end, when Coach Holtz pulls out his old go-to with the  ripped newspaper trick.  Enjoy.