We love Kid President, and we really love food.  The fact remains that not every student can count on having meals provided for them during the summer time when school is not in session.  That makes us sad, but luckily by just watching today’s video, you can help.

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Below is the information that SoulPancake and ConAgra have released:

It’s SUMMERTIME! Summertime is awesome, but unfortunately not for everyone. During the school year, 21 million school children receive free or reduced-price lunch — but during summer, 90% of those 21 million kids have limited or no access to meals they receive when school is in session. 

So, in order to make this summer MORE awesome, Kid President has teamed with ConAgra Foods to raise awareness of child hunger this summer. The ConAgra Foods Foundation is donating the monetary equivalent of one meal to Feeding America for every view, like, or share of this video!

To learn more about ways to fight hunger in your own community, visit www.ChildHungerEndsHere.com.