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Dear Ms. Silva,

That’s the name of the video, and a great way for us to start our open letter to you and your class.  Our team here at #EDGB followed the story of your amazing students this past season.  Their passion for their education, and their positive classroom community serves as such a great lesson to all of us as to how we should approach life.  Their passion for Notre Dame serves as a lesson about how far our education and dedication can take us.  It also reminds us that having dreams are really really awesome!

Watching the below video, I could not help but to think of the lasting impact your “social butterfly” experiment in the lives of those future Domers.  It made me reflect back on both my years as a student as well as those years as a teacher and coach.  I remember those teachers who changed the game for me educationally.  Luann Borgen was my second grade teacher and the first person who I really feel connected with me as a student.  As a teacher, being able to work in the same building with her years later was so rewarding for me.  Paul Schmaltz was my fifth grade teacher.  He let us dance on the top of the tables – do I really need to explain more?

Allison, your students will not just remember Malik and Sheldon.  They will remember you.  You changed the game for them.  You took education out of the book and made it real. By teaching with passion and by taking a few risks, you introduced them to life.

Please share with your students our motto of Every Day, Getting Better and let them know how proud of them and of you we are.  Keep striving to improve, but never be afraid to fail.

Go Irish!


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