It’s not about balance, it is about boundaries.  We are all so connected, to the point, that being disconnected makes us uncomfortable.  The airplane lands, or sometimes is about to land, and how fast can we get our phones out of airplane mode so that the endorphins can reach the brain when we see those notifications light up.  We need that, we crave it.  We may put screentime rules on our children that we are unwilling to follow ourselves.  We know better – we just don’t do better.

It’s the same often with our work / life balance.  So many of us have jobs that don’t sleep, that we cannot leave at the office.  Taking those jobs home impacts our relationships with family.  Our family has a rule of no devices at the dinner table, it’s funny how often this catches dinner guests off guard.  Establish those healthy boundaries around your house.  Trust those who work for you to make decisions when you are not around (ownership).

Unplug and be present!