Last week I was able to attend the Character Conference 2019 at Glacier High School in Kalispell, Montana. This is the second year of this event and while my son went last year, I was not able to attend.

Why did I go this year, one, because he wanted to go…and two, because the content this year, loneliness, anxiety, depression and suicide are items that have impacted my life. As a father, if I could help provide some tools to my son to help prepare him for the remainder of middle school, the start of high school and life in general – why would I not make time for that.

As a coach, I have had both former players who have committed suicide, and recently the parent of a player. While I was in middle school and high school, we had multiple suicides while I was in school – so putting myself in a spot where as a father, I can help my son – again, why wouldn’t I attend.

Last summer, Sigma Chi Fraternity, a group which I am an active alumni member launched its Lifeline program for college students (any anyone else who needs help) – so part of my attending, while not connected at all, was to show support for Lifeline as well. Learn more about Lifeline by visiting

In regards top the Character Conference 2019 – the video of the event has just been released. There were three presentations made at the event and I encourage you to watch them all with your child.

0:00 to 32:16 – Keynote by Noah Couser, Health Enhancement Teacher at Kalispell Middle School and Youth Influencer

32:16 to 55:35 – Student discussion panel lead by Courtney Baker

55:35 – 1:09:07 – Keynote by Grady Bennett, Teacher and Coach at Glacier High School

To learn more about the Character Conference or future events by Noah Couser and his team visit

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