Seth Kraft is not an overnight sensation in the town of Laurel.  The senior manager / assistant coach for the hometown Locomotives is known to everyone in town.  When you are 4’1″ and 18 years old, people are bound to notice.  But with Seth, it is different, they notice for the right reasons and not the obvious reasons.  This young man appreciates everyday and cherishes the opportunity to make his teammates better.  This season, on Senior Night, which coincided with Seth’s birthday, he got to add another title to his resume, player.

“I like assists, and I like playing ‘D’ (defense), I will steal the ball if I have the chance. I’m not going to take it easy on them. It’ll be great if I score, but it’s OK if I don’t. I’ll be successful tonight if I make an impact, even a small one.”  Seth Kraft before his debut.

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