What started with a worm farm…

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We are nurtured to have heroes, and we all choose our heroes for the qualities that they have that speak to us directly.  Our heroes to us often fit the narrative that we want them to fit and like us, our heroes are flawed, and that's ok.  Because from [...]


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Today is the International Day of Happiness and one positive company is doing something great.  HappyActs.org is donating $1 to Big Brothers and Sisters for everyone who accepts their #HappyActs challenge. If you want to learn more about the International Day of Happiness you can visit http://www.dayofhappiness.net/ and get plugged in [...]

Keep it ICEE

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I tweet at least once a day and my goal is to have each of my tweets fall into one or more of these 4 categories (ICEE): Inspire, Connect, Entertain, or Educate — all of which I believe are somehow related to happiness. I get a lot of requests from people [...]

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