What started with a worm farm…

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We are nurtured to have heroes, and we all choose our heroes for the qualities that they have that speak to us directly.  Our heroes to us often fit the narrative that we want them to fit and like us, our heroes are flawed, and that's ok.  Because from [...]

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That reason to get started

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We all need that reason to get started.  DocMorris.de put together this great 2-minute ad to remind us of that why.  To remind us that what starts out as hard, quickly becomes routine and then a habit.  Created for their #Herzensangelegenheit campaign (translated to "Affair of the Heart"), the [...]

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Coaching with Why

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Why is the greatest question ever.  So what happens when as coaches, we look at the why?  I just spent the season assisting a basketball coach who prefers the three-point-shot over a two pointer.  His logic, you can make a lower percentage and still outscore your opponents.  Three's and layups [...]

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