What started with a worm farm…

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We are nurtured to have heroes, and we all choose our heroes for the qualities that they have that speak to us directly.  Our heroes to us often fit the narrative that we want them to fit and like us, our heroes are flawed, and that's ok.  Because from [...]

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Values and Norms

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Values And Norms There is usually a discrepancy between what people consider their values to be and the effective values which direct them and of which they are not aware. In the industrial society, the official conscious values are those of the religious and humanistic tradition: individuality, love, compassion, hope, etc. But these values [...]

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Honor and Character are not part time values

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Below is an excerpt from a Chicago Tribune article written by Teddy Greenstein.  The full article can be viewed here.   Sam Love received the phone call Saturday and was in disbelief.He was about to print plane tickets for a flight to Pittsburgh, where he would compete in the Sunnehanna Amateur beginning [...]

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Value Judgements

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The value judgements we make determine our actions, and upon their validity rest our mental health and happiness.

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