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Perseverance of the baby bear

Hat tip to @carsondaly for posting this on the @todayshow. The concept is easy, life is hard.  Watch as the baby bear tries so hard to climb the steep snowy mountain, and fail, over and over again. The bear doesn’t give up, and the momma-bear up top paces back and forth, but knows all that she can do is watch. When you think about it, the baby bear must be exhausted by the time it gets to th ...[Read More]

Teachers Pay Teachers – sharing your educational ideas


When I was in the classroom (12+ years ago), if you needed a lesson plan, there were just a handful of websites that you could visit.  They were not well organized, but they were a start.  Earlier, I saw a piece on the Today Show about a website called Teachers Pay Teachers and I have to say, it’s a brilliant idea. Think of Etsy, but for teachers.  Have a lesson plan that is wonderful, or aw ...[Read More]