Play Hard, Play Smart, Play Together

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Play Hard, Play Smart, Play Together by Coach Dean Smith Playing Hard: Maybe a player wasn’t the fastest, the tallest, or the most athletic person on the court.  In the course of any given game that was out of his control.  But each of them could control the [...]

Matt Deggs, a coach who gets it

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"There is no greater honor than to sacrifice for a brother" - Matt Deggs, Baseball Coach at Sam Houston State. There are just some coaches that you want to play for.  Matt Deggs is one of them.  After a loss that knocked his team out of the NCAA tournament in [...]

Kevin Cassese – Leaving Nothing to the Imagination

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Lacrosse Coach Kevin Cassese on clear and concise communication with parents of players in his program.  As a coach, this message is so spot on.  Let's teach our athletes and children to have those crucial conversations.  Give them tools at home to be successful without being a toxic sports parent.  [...]

are you a teammate or just on the team?

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When Marcus Luttrell comes to talk, you listen.  When the man who the movie Lone Survivor was based after talks to you about being on a team, you take notes. There is a difference between being a teammate, and being on a team. Watch as Jac Collinsworth sits down for [...]

Joe Schmidt on leadership, followership and team

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Notre Dame senior, Joe Schmidt sat down with Jac Collinsworth to talk about leadership, followership, motivation and his return to the gridiron.  Schmidt in 2014 was the MVP of the Fighting Irish defense, even after missing half of the season with a leg injury.  He has been called too slow, [...]

Not missing a pitch

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Friend of Every Day, Getting Better,  Renee Peggs, recently shared with us one of her latest pieces.  It is a great story on Notre Dame baseball pitcher Cristian Torres.  Torres a recent graduate at Notre Dame, just finished his career as a relief pitcher for the Irish.  The story of Torres is [...]

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