EDGB Podcast – 8 – Happy, Not Perfect with Poppy Jamie

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Episode Link Show Notes Every Day, Getting Better Podcast - Episode 8 Happy, Not Perfect with Poppy Jamie Poppy is a proven entrepreneur, author and a rising star in the mental health and mindfulness space.  Today, Poppy joins me to explore the pages of her book, [...]

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Anxiety and Social Media

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This video is a few years old, but the message is just as applicable today as both political tensions and COVID have anxiety at increased levels.  In what many view as an escape, they dive into their devices, engage in social media, and try to artificially find happiness.  Instead [...]

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Keep it ICEE

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I tweet at least once a day and my goal is to have each of my tweets fall into one or more of these 4 categories (ICEE): Inspire, Connect, Entertain, or Educate — all of which I believe are somehow related to happiness. I get a lot of requests from people [...]

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SavvySexySocial Quotes!

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We asked Amy over at SavvySexySocial about her favorite leadership quote.  We loved her reply. Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." -Theodore Roosevelt Amy runs one of our favorite spots on the web.  If you are curious how to leverage social media for your brand [...]

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