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Kyrie Irving – “My dad is the reason I wear #11”

By |2019-05-09T11:20:25-06:00November 23rd, 2018|Video|

This Nike commercial dropped on Thanksgiving day and what a great way to give thanks.  Drederick Irving was a single father raising two young children.  Drederick had NBA potential, even having a tryout with the Celtics in 1992, before the loss of his wife, Elizabeth, changed everything.  Like any father would, he put [...]

John Wooden on wisdom

By |2015-02-17T11:26:33-06:00February 17th, 2015|Stories|

we should NEVER let ambition cause us to SACRIFICE our integrity or diminish our EFFORTS in other [areas]. However, we need to REMEMBER that we never REACH a serious goal unless we have the INTENTION of doing so.

Man vs. Time

By |2014-10-07T09:50:50-06:00October 7th, 2014|Poems, Stories, Video|

It's crazy to think that, at some point, we're not going to have a second chance to do what we want to do for the rest of our life. Understand what that means.  At one point, we're not going to have a second chance to do what we want to [...]

Why I succeed?

By |2014-07-28T10:45:21-06:00July 29th, 2014|Poems|

I succeed because I am willing to do what others are not. I will fight against the odds. I will sacrifice. I am not shackled by fear, insecurity or doubt. I feel those emotions - drink them and swallow them after they happened. I am motivated by accomplishment, not pride. [...]

Ara Parseghian on desire

By |2014-02-21T11:48:51-06:00March 2nd, 2014|Quotes|

I use the word hungry to describe what I mean when I talk about desire.  Being hungry provides you with the physical and mental energies necessary for success.  The sacrifices that are necessary become easier  when one places a goal or objective at a high level.