What’s Important Now

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Former Notre Dame football coach Lou Holtz loves to use the acronym of WIN. For Holtz, WIN stands for; What's Important Now I am pondering that quote as I just returned from a leadership summit for a preeminent collegiate leadership group.   Out task from my division in preparation for the next [...]

My Kind of Signing Day

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The contract is simple, straightforward and to the point. It reads: Fighting Irish Fight for Life National Letter of Intent I, _________, accept the invitation to join the University of Notre Dame Fighting Irish for the 2015-16 school year.  By signing this agreement I promise to have fun, fight my [...]

are you a teammate or just on the team?

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When Marcus Luttrell comes to talk, you listen.  When the man who the movie Lone Survivor was based after talks to you about being on a team, you take notes. There is a difference between being a teammate, and being on a team. Watch as Jac Collinsworth sits down for [...]

Joe Schmidt on leadership, followership and team

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Notre Dame senior, Joe Schmidt sat down with Jac Collinsworth to talk about leadership, followership, motivation and his return to the gridiron.  Schmidt in 2014 was the MVP of the Fighting Irish defense, even after missing half of the season with a leg injury.  He has been called too slow, [...]

Not missing a pitch

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Friend of Every Day, Getting Better,  Renee Peggs, recently shared with us one of her latest pieces.  It is a great story on Notre Dame baseball pitcher Cristian Torres.  Torres a recent graduate at Notre Dame, just finished his career as a relief pitcher for the Irish.  The story of Torres is [...]

Lou Holtz visits Texas Football

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Coaches love building other coaches up.  After you have coached for numerous years, you love looking back at your coaching family tree and seeing the branches.  We hear about those branches all the time in the NFL.  Recently, one of college football's big tree's went and visited one of his [...]

Losing with dignity

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Nobody likes to lose, and nobody likes to lose less than coaches.  It is in our blood, we love to compete, to push our players to be their best and then display that in the arena.  However in every event, there is a loser.  Often lost in losing is how [...]