What’s Important Now

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Former Notre Dame football coach Lou Holtz loves to use the acronym of WIN. For Holtz, WIN stands for; What's Important Now I am pondering that quote as I just returned from a leadership summit for a preeminent collegiate leadership group.   Out task from my division in preparation for the next [...]

Lou Holtz visits Texas Football

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Coaches love building other coaches up.  After you have coached for numerous years, you love looking back at your coaching family tree and seeing the branches.  We hear about those branches all the time in the NFL.  Recently, one of college football's big tree's went and visited one of his [...]

Just say Ho!

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In 1988, walk on kicker Reggie Ho played a key role on Notre Dame's undefeated football season.  Ho, who stands 5'5" displayed amazing perseverance and accomplishment.  Actor Ken Jeong directed this great 30 for 30 Short. Read more at Grantland

Lou Holtz quote on Standards

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      Coach Holtz has always found an amazing way to phrase words into something more than just lines of text.  This quote was featured on a shirt on the Notre Dame campus in the late 90's.  Great quotes like this are timeless. "...I have a standard, and it's [...]

Lou Holtz Motivational Magic

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I was first given this video back in the late 90's while attending the University of Montana.  Coach Lou Holtz has always been an amazing public speaker, one I have had the privilege of seeing live a handful of times.  Even though this video was shot in the early 1990's [...]