What started with a worm farm…

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We are nurtured to have heroes, and we all choose our heroes for the qualities that they have that speak to us directly.  Our heroes to us often fit the narrative that we want them to fit and like us, our heroes are flawed, and that's ok.  Because from [...]

A leadership tweet from Mark Cuban

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Leaders don't conform to the consensus.  They create a consensus to their vision and goals. Leaders don't change their positions mid-debate.  They welcome scorn from the masses because it creates the opportunity for dialogue. Leaders don't look backwards to condemn what has already been done, they look forward to create [...]

Joe Schmidt on leadership, followership and team

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Notre Dame senior, Joe Schmidt sat down with Jac Collinsworth to talk about leadership, followership, motivation and his return to the gridiron.  Schmidt in 2014 was the MVP of the Fighting Irish defense, even after missing half of the season with a leg injury.  He has been called too slow, [...]

We asked Jon Gordon his favorite quote…

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Jon Gordon is a best selling author who has motivated individuals, teams and businesses around the globe.  Today he motivates our community, we asked Jon his favorite quote, here is what he told us: Leadership is not just about what you do. It's about what you can inspire and empower [...]

Reflections – I am a Corporal

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During the Revolutionary War, a group of soldiers was ordered to raise a heavy timber which the enemy had caused to block the road.  They could scarcely lift it from the group.  A young corporal stood by, urging the men to lift hard, and shouting, "Now boys, right up!"  With [...]

Lessons From the Geese

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  Fact 1: As each goose flap its wings it creates an“uplift” for the birds that follow. By flying in a “V” formation, the whole flock adds 71% greater range than if each bird flew alone. Lesson: People who share a common sense of direction and community can get where [...]

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