Kevin Cassese – Leaving Nothing to the Imagination

Lacrosse Coach Kevin Cassese on clear and concise communication with his team.

Kevin Cassese – Goals vs Standards

Coach Cassese discusses the team definitions of goals versus standards.

Kevin Cassese – Where Can We Be Great?

Who do we want to be? Who can we be?

Kevin Cassese – The Starfish Effect

As coaches we are often asked why we do what we do.  This story of the Starfish Effect is the perfect summation of that WHY.

Kevin Cassese – What We Can’t Do

Too short, not good enough – not enough to stop Lehigh University head coach Kevin Cassese. Your destiny is not controlled by what people tell you that you cannot do.    

With so much good in the world – let’s focus on it

With so much good in the world – let’s focus on it

Such a great profile on Katherine McManus and her desire to be a positive influence in the face of family tragedy.  It is amazing how thankful a young lady can be after a sudden loss like her family suffered.  Read the full story at