The Prophet – On Friendship

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And a youth said, Speak to us of Friendship. And he answered, saying: Your friend is your needs answered. He is your field which you sow with love and reap with thanksgiving. And he is your board and your fireside. For you come to him with your hunger, and you [...]

The Art of Friendship

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The Art Of Friendship by Wilford A. Peterson The first step in the art of friendship is to be a friend, then making friends takes care of itself. To be a friend a man should believe in the inherent goodness of other men and in their potential greatness. To be a friend a man [...]

The power of friendship

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I have said it once before, and I will say it again.  I hate cancer. This brave group of ladies banded together to support a friend in a time of need, and the result is beautiful.

Erik Weihenmayer – A great interview

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We first heard of Erik Weihenmayer in 2010 and have really tried to follow all of the great things that he has done ever since.  Erik is an amazing story in itself, but the selfless acts of his friends for us is what really make his story special.  They way [...]

The Friendship Machine

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Coke has done it again, a great idea and a catchy jingle.  Nothing like finding creative ways to encourage people to work together.  Take a peek. Thanks to Kim W. for this contribution.

John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success

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Coach John Wooden is a ledgend of the hardwood.  His time at UCLA is rivaled by very few.  UCLA has a very good write up on Coach Wooden's Pyramid of Success.  If you are looking for a great book to read, I would strongly suggest They Call Me Coach.  You [...]

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