We are all Pirates

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Courier News - Travis Simpson After a 55-7 loss in September 2015, the quarterback of the losing team did a remarkable thing.  William Simpson asked to address the winning team.  The loss was pretty brutal, and usually in losses like that, the quarterback is the one who faces the [...]

Joe Schmidt on leadership, followership and team

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Notre Dame senior, Joe Schmidt sat down with Jac Collinsworth to talk about leadership, followership, motivation and his return to the gridiron.  Schmidt in 2014 was the MVP of the Fighting Irish defense, even after missing half of the season with a leg injury.  He has been called too slow, [...]

Jake Olson, the real Daredevil

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I've learned that if you want to win forever, always compete. You're either competing or you're not. I've chosen to always compete. - Jake Olson Being a blind football player on a high school football team is hard enough, but odds be damned, Jake Olson, the blind long snapper, is [...]

Lou Holtz visits Texas Football

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Coaches love building other coaches up.  After you have coached for numerous years, you love looking back at your coaching family tree and seeing the branches.  We hear about those branches all the time in the NFL.  Recently, one of college football's big tree's went and visited one of his [...]

Just say Ho!

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In 1988, walk on kicker Reggie Ho played a key role on Notre Dame's undefeated football season.  Ho, who stands 5'5" displayed amazing perseverance and accomplishment.  Actor Ken Jeong directed this great 30 for 30 Short. Read more at Grantland

A brother’s promise

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With discipline in one hand and love in the other, Tony Alford is turning out young men who don't just play like champions today. They live like champions every day. Tony Alford speaks with the youth campers at the G.O.A.T. football camp at Dozier Field. Christopher Reeves/Park Record [...]

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