When we first met I was just a kid

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Many people read the poem that Kobe Bryant posted to The Players's Tribute announcing his retirement.  But those people who were lucky enough to be at the Staples Center that night received a more personal message. When we first met I was just a kid. Some of you took me [...]

What Causes of Creativity

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What causes creativity? CONFIDENCE: ability to question without fear OBSERVATION: seeing problems / ideas HUMILITY: knowing you don't know everything MINDFULNESS: thinking on how to think CURIOSITY: exploring and experimenting RESOURCEFULNESS: something to tinker with ENERGY: to explore and tinker ACTION: not just thinking. but doing

Confidence vs. Self-Esteem

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Libby Ludlow / zgirls.com Libby Ludlow is a lawyer and also Founder and Co-President of Z Girls, a website that is dedicated to empowering girls in sports.  It would behoove me to mention that Ludlow is also a former Olympic athlete.  This past November, Ludlow wrote a great [...]


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Confidence is not about talent or skills or good looks.  It's about your beliefs about your own talent, skills and good looks.  ~ Louisa Jewell Thank you to Julie M. for today's quote.

Alex “No Big Deal”

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Alex Honnold, known as Alex "no big deal," to his friends, is the best professional athlete that you have never heard of.  He is a revolutionary in his sport.  He has accomplished tasks that make your palms sweat just hearing about, and your pulse race when you watch.  This video [...]

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