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“I think my tenure as a coach is coming to a close. I tell my players that, I tell my children that, because all I care about is all the things he just talked about. I think the things that I used to look at on a scorecard that were really important, those things don’t matter at all anymore. So I spend a lot less time as a coach than I once did, and I spend a lot more time trying to help them grow ...[Read More]

Kevin Cassese – My Take on Parents

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, but where is the best place to coach? The orphanage Coach Kevin Cassese delivers a great take on setting expectations early with parents and players.  It’s about helping them develop into men and women. You are entrusting me to help your son develop into a man.  If you are calling me about playing time on behalf of your son, he’s not devel ...[Read More]

Dear Coach – A letter on respect and teamwork by Louis Nix III

Dear Coach – A letter on respect and teamwork by Louis Nix III

Dear Coach, I want to take a moment to write you a letter to remind you of the importance of your job. I know you put in a lot of time and effort and I can imagine that at times your job feels kind of thankless. Don’t forget, though, that you have a tremendous impact on the young people that you coach. You are simultaneously an authority figure, a role model, and a friend. To sum it up, your team ...[Read More]