Courier News - Travis Simpson

Courier News – Travis Simpson

After a 55-7 loss in September 2015, the quarterback of the losing team did a remarkable thing.  William Simpson asked to address the winning team.  The loss was pretty brutal, and usually in losses like that, the quarterback is the one who faces the most scrutiny.  So what made this quarterback want to dole out sage advice and not make excuses for his teams performance?

“He tells them that this 55-7 loss he just went through had more good sportsmanship than any game he had ever played in. He tells them, ‘We are all Pirates,’ and he had fun playing against them.” – Dover Coach Greg Smith

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What is fun about losing 55-7, the answer is not much.  However when you are playing a game you love and that game is played right, with good sportsmanship, the score becomes less important.

Would it be too far fetched for me to think that the parents in the stands lost with as much dignity as their sons did?  Losing with dignity is one of the greatest lessons that we can teach our children.  It’s right up there with winning with grace.