The Art Of Friendship
by Wilford A. Peterson
The first step in the art of friendship is to be a friend, then making friends takes care of itself.
To be a friend a man should believe in the inherent goodness of other men and in their potential greatness.
To be a friend a man should strive to lift people up, not cast them down; to encourage, not discourage; to set an example that will be an inspiration to others.
To be a friend a man should practice the companionship of silence and the magic of words that his speech may build and not destroy, help and not hinder.
To be a friend a man should close his eyes to the faults of others and open them to his own.
To be a friend a man should not attempt to reform or reprimand, but should strive only to make others happy if he can.
To be a friend a man should be himself, he should be done with hypocrisy, artificiality and pretense; he should meet and mingle with people in quiet simplicity and humility.
To be a friend a man should be tolerant; he should have an understanding heart and a forgiving nature, knowing that all men stumble now and then and that he who never made a mistake never accomplished anything.
To be a friend a man should go more than halfway with his fellow man; he should greet others first and not wait to be greeted; he should radiate a spirit of overflowing good will.
To be a friend a man should remember that we are human magnets; that like attracts like, and that what we give, we get.
To be a friend a man should recognize that no man knows all the answers, and that he should add each day to his knowledge of how to live the friendly way.