11128199Friend of Every Day, Getting Better,  Renee Peggs, recently shared with us one of her latest pieces.  It is a great story on Notre Dame baseball pitcher Cristian Torres.  Torres a recent graduate at Notre Dame, just finished his career as a relief pitcher for the Irish.  The story of Torres is not as much about a baseball player but about a competitor.  Torres was diagnosed with moderate to severe hearing loss at a very early age has had to compete for everything.  Competing to excel in the classroom, or on the mound.  The one place that he does not have to compete, is to fit in with his baseball teammates.

Take a few moments today and read the whole story from Renee, and appreciate just how special of a young athlete that Cristian Torres is.

Irish Extra: Cristian Torres

“Most people don’t realize right away that I have a disability, so if I can be excellent at baseball or excellent in my school work, then people are even more amazed once they learn that I can’t hear. I think it’s important for kids especially to realize that you can’t let anything hold you back. If you’ve got a stumbling block in your way, work that much harder to get past it–because you can. People are going to doubt you or want to make allowances for you or treat you differently. But the harder you push yourself to excel, the more you’re going to have to be proud about for yourself.” – Cristian Torres