irish-intentThe contract is simple, straightforward and to the point. It reads:

Fighting Irish
Fight for Life

National Letter of Intent

I, _________, accept the invitation to join the University of Notre Dame Fighting Irish for the 2015-16 school year.  By signing this agreement I promise to have fun, fight my hardest, stay strong, and, what though the odds be great or small, with my team at Notre Dame we will win overall!

Friend of Every Day, Getting Better – Renee Peggs describes a great event that recently occurred in South Bend, Indiana.  Every Notre Dame athletics team “signed” an additional member to their roster for this academic year.  These new members of the Fighting Irish are in the fight of their lives as they all battle different forms of pediatric cancer.

One by one, Fighting Irish teams took the stage, each joined by a child who signed a Letter of Intent confirming official membership on his or her respective team. Children received Notre Dame swag, cameras flashed, the crowd cheered wildly and press conferences ensued. – Renee Peggs,

Take the time to read the full rundown of the night’s events.

As a father, the way I see it is that many of our children hold these athletes up as our heroes – but even our heroes, need heroes.

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