Brandt Jean hugs Amber Guyger

I absolutly love this piece on forgiveness by Harry Smith of NBC.  There are no happy endings to this tragic story, but none the less, it has moved me.  Days before the verdict, Allison Jean was asked what her son Brandt was thinking.  He reply ‘and I am paraphrasing’, “I don’t know, he is such an introvert, he has not said much of anything.”

However after sentencing, after being alone with his thoughts for all that time, Brandt Jean, spoke from the heart.  He asked to give the woman who took his brothers life a hug, an embrace that both needed and that went on for almost a minute.  He asked this at the time that just feet away, outside the courtroom, those not willing to forgive were starting to react.

This is not the forum for social justice reform, nor the forum to retry the case, or the sentencing.  It is the place however to ponder on the selfless act of forgiveness.  The gesture of an 18 year old young man, and the hope it gives so many.