This video is a few years old, but the message is just as applicable today as both political tensions and COVID have anxiety at increased levels.  In what many view as an escape, they dive into their devices, engage in social media, and try to artificially find happiness.  Instead what they find is that they are consuming false perfection on Instagram and Snapchat in attempts to make others believe that their personal ecosystem is better than it really is.

We all know that it’s a false veneer, yet psychologically, we compete with it.  We compete for likes, for streaks, for attention.  We fall into the trap.  The more we scroll, the deeper we fall.  Poppy Jamie does a great job of talking about this spiral, about the falseness, and of the pursuit of the endorphin hit of that social acceptance.

As coaches, teachers, and parents – I think we really need to start to look deeper into what this anxiety is doing to our children (and ourselves – have you been on Facebook lately?).  We need to build healthy boundaries with our children’s (and our own) devices.  The anxiety is real, and we are really doing it to ourselves.

Image by ElisaRiva from Pixabay