“I think my tenure as a coach is coming to a close. I tell my players that, I tell my children that, because all I care about is all the things he just talked about. I think the things that I used to look at on a scorecard that were really important, those things don’t matter at all anymore. So I spend a lot less time as a coach than I once did, and I spend a lot more time trying to help them grow as people – and not just players, but anybody within our program, within our community, and within our institution. So I don’t know how much longer I’ll coach because I’m not that good at coaching anymore. The only thing that I would say, relative to the platform and all of the things socially, I think that the problem is that we have so many voices on what they’re against, and we have very few voices on what are you for.”  – Buzz Williams, Virginia Tech Men’s Basketball Coach

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