Every Day, Getting Better, Episode 5, Ryan sits down with Rusty Hagenbuch for the next branch in the Builders Project.

Rusty was named in Episode 3 as the Builder of Jesse Trout.  Today, we explore why Jesse chose Rusty.  We also get to learn about Rusty as a coach, parent, and boss.  Finally, at the end, we get to find out who built Rusty.


  • The Hagenbuch family name (it really is bad ass)
  • Rusty’s reaction to being named as Jesse Trout’s builder
    • Tough love
    • Making the choice to give up on someone
  • Coaching youth sports
    • Potential, failure, and perfection
  • Riding home with an athlete as a parent
    • Making mistakes and athletics
    • 24-hour rule
  • Corporate Culture at Charger IT
    • Coaching approach at work
    • The Charger IT brand
    • Denver Broncos (Rusty’s team!)
  • Who built Rusty?
    • Early success in life
    • Will Brown

Learn more about Rusty and his brand at https://www.chargerit.com/ and https://www.chargeraccess.com/

Host: Ryan Wakefield

Guest: Rusty Hagenbuch

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