Character Conference 2019

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Last week I was able to attend the Character Conference 2019 at Glacier High School in Kalispell, Montana. This is the second year of this event and while my son went last year, I was not able to attend. Why did I go this year, one, because he wanted to [...]

Resolving to Do Less in 2019

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Well, it’s that time of year to make – and possibly break – resolutions for a fitter, smarter, and better version of you. Even now, most people I know are scribbling down new diets, new exercise regimens, new goals, new plans, and new commitments to a happier, healthier, and more successful version of themselves. Unfortunately, most of those resolutions will be broken within two months for a variety of reasons.

Kyrie Irving – “My dad is the reason I wear #11”

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This Nike commercial dropped on Thanksgiving day and what a great way to give thanks.  Drederick Irving was a single father raising two young children.  Drederick had NBA potential, even having a tryout with the Celtics in 1992, before the loss of his wife, Elizabeth, changed everything.  Like any father would, he put [...]

Dear Basketball – Kobe Bryant with animation

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Nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film, Dear Basketball takes the letter that Kobe Bryant penned on the eve of his retirement announcement and mixes it with the magic of a custom John Williams score and legendary animator Glen Keane. The letter by itself is amazing, but [...]

What’s Important Now

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Former Notre Dame football coach Lou Holtz loves to use the acronym of WIN. For Holtz, WIN stands for; What's Important Now I am pondering that quote as I just returned from a leadership summit for a preeminent collegiate leadership group.   Out task from my division in preparation for the next [...]

A leadership tweet from Mark Cuban

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Leaders don't conform to the consensus.  They create a consensus to their vision and goals. Leaders don't change their positions mid-debate.  They welcome scorn from the masses because it creates the opportunity for dialogue. Leaders don't look backwards to condemn what has already been done, they look forward to create [...]

Body Language on and off of the court

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In a recent post game press conference, University of Connecticut women's basketball coach Geno Auriemma shared his philosophy on body language.   It's a great lesson that all young athletes and their parents should hear.  The video is embedded below, but here are a few highlights. “We put a huge [...]

Chris Greicius – and the first ever wish

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I am an avid podcast listener.  A few months back, I found out that I had been missing out on The Tim Ferriss Show.  In episode #225: John Crowley - The Real-Life Captain America and Bruce Banner (Seriously) Tim interviews John Crowley, the Chairman and CEO of Amicus Therapeutics.  While [...]

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