Every Day I Fight

Never have I read a book about cancer that moved me the way that this book did.  Maybe it was because I came of age just as Stuart Scott was making his move to ESPN.  Maybe be is because in society, as we see people on television, we start to feel like we know them.  Maybe it was because I am a parent, and like Stuart, my life’s goal is to protect my children.  Either way, this book tore at me.  I mean it really tore at me.

Every now and then you find a book that you just cannot put down.  Like I do with a lot of books, I listened to the unabridged version of this book from Audible.  Whenever I could get a few minutes of listening in, I had to listen.  There was no spoiler, I knew how the book would end, but I was riveted by the way that Stuart was so transparent with his fight.

Every Day I Fight - Stuart Scott

Every Day I Fight – Stuart Scott

As a father, the relationship that Stuart had with his daughters spoke to me.  Stuart had two girls, I have three boys – in the end, we were both fathers.  Say what you will about a mother’s bond with her children – a father’s bond is every bit as strong.  So many times during this book, I could feel myself in Stuart’s shoes.

The book gives a great back story on the childhood of Stuart.  We learn the birthplace of BOOYAH, and learn of his journey to ESPN.

As the book moves towards it’s conclusion, the story leads to Stuart’s reception of the Jimmy V Perseverance Award.

As books in our EDGB Library go – this is at the top right now.  I highly recommend it to any athlete, coach, father, and especially to any spouse of someone in the fight against cancer right now.   A lot of books talk about cancer, but so few, if any that I have read give us such a first person account of the emotional, physical and psychological process of that battle.