It really is Awesome Baby – this book by Dick Vitale is the first official book share from the Every Day, Getting Better staff.  Every coach knows Dickie V and damn near every coach loves him.  At 75 years old, but with more energy than a college freshman, Dickie V tells the story of his career.  Growing up in Jersey, his first college job at Rutgers, moving up to the NBA to coach the Pistons, and his 35+ year career at ESPN.  This look inside his life is amazing.

Anyone who loves the game will enjoy this read.  Chapter 8 is all about “his story” and that is the chapter that hooked me.  I won’t spoil it for you, but this short chapter is worth the purchase price alone.  Told in a don’t feel sorry for me sort of way Dickie V gives us a look behind Mr. Positivity and into a time when the words that people used really hurt him.

Other chapters give you insight on the his passions, the personalities he has mingled with, history of the game, his current view on the state of the game and possibly his favorite section – giving back.

This book is just a start to our Every Day, Getting Better coaches library, keep checking for more.

Do you have a favorite Dickie V story or have you read this book?  Share your comments below.

It’s Awesome, Baby!: 75 Years of Memories and a Lifetime of Opinions on the Game I Love