Ben Comen

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This is simply my favorite story of all time.  It is without the story that I have shared the most with teams, small groups and large lectures.  To fully understand and comprehend it, I strongly suggest you exit my page, just for a minute and visit this Rick Reilly story [...]


By |2014-02-16T20:40:57-06:00February 25th, 2014|Video|

We stumbled upon this video back in 2011 shortly after it was released, and posted to The Atlantic.  The video was shot by  The art / science of murmuration is absolutely amazing.  As a coach it is often hard to get five players, to do the right thing, at [...]

Lou Holtz Motivational Magic

By |2014-02-21T10:44:01-06:00February 21st, 2014|Video|

I was first given this video back in the late 90's while attending the University of Montana.  Coach Lou Holtz has always been an amazing public speaker, one I have had the privilege of seeing live a handful of times.  Even though this video was shot in the early 1990's [...]

Arms of Steel

By |2014-02-18T09:07:35-06:00February 17th, 2014|Video|

In 2011 ABC's television show 20/20 highlighted the achievement of paraplegic Chris Waddell and his arm powered bike.  This short piece documents Waddell's determination as he and his team of 68 people attempt to reach the 19'000 foot summit Mount Kilamanjaro.  Waddell is unlike any mountain climber that we have [...]

How to start a movement

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Welcome to day 1 of Every Day Getting Better.  Our goal is to provide one video, quote, poem per day that makes you smile / ponder / dream / think / imagine ~ and in the end, makes you a better person. This is a community, so please do your [...]

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