Chris Solinsky – Beast Mode (minus skittles)

Chris Solinsky – Beast Mode (minus skittles)

This race took place in 2010 but easily could have been yesterday.  Chris Solinsky entered the 10,000 meter race for the first time in his career and shatters the previous American Record.  Not only is a great watch, but listen to the commentators disbelief of what is unfolding before them. Solinsky’s 10K was the first sub-27 by a non-African runner (and it probably could have been much fast ...[Read More]

No Hair, No School – Charter school get’s it wrong

No Hair, No School – Charter school get’s it wrong

Schools have rules, and for good reason.  School boards make policies trying to do what they feel is best for their district.  Common sense often gets left out of policy and in one Colorado town, what seemed like common sense for a young friend turned into a rule and policy violation at the public charter school that the girl attended. Delaney Clements is an 11 year old girl, with a beautiful smil ...[Read More]

The Reflex of Character


This story is not about guns in schools, it is not about gun control in our country.  It is not about the Tea Party or the NRA.  It is about the “Reflex of Character.”  Coach Frank Hall is an American Hero.  He is a father, and a husband, but I believe like a lot of us, the name that he most appreciates being called, is Coach. On Monday, February 27, 2012, Coach Frank Hall displayed &# ...[Read More]

212 – The Extra Degree


This is a promotional video for a great line of products from  The concept is so easy, and attainable.  To look specifically at the 212 products please visit here:  212 degree products

Alex “No Big Deal”

rock climbing

Alex Honnold, known as Alex “no big deal,” to his friends, is the best professional athlete that you have never heard of.  He is a revolutionary in his sport.  He has accomplished tasks that make your palms sweat just hearing about, and your pulse race when you watch.  This video is from a 60 Minutes story in 2011. When I watch this video I take away a few key items. Humility is a lost ...[Read More]

Walk On


DJ Greggory’s long walk is so well documented here.  Another great lesson in determination and fulfilling one’s goals.  Still think that you can’t achieve something?  Please visit DJ’s foundation Walking for Kids.

Big Man on Campus – The Seth Kraft Story

Seth Kraft

Seth Kraft is not an overnight sensation in the town of Laurel.  The senior manager / assistant coach for the hometown Locomotives is known to everyone in town.  When you are 4’1″ and 18 years old, people are bound to notice.  But with Seth, it is different, they notice for the right reasons and not the obvious reasons.  This young man appreciates everyday and cherishes the opportunity ...[Read More]

Ben Comen


This is simply my favorite story of all time.  It is without the story that I have shared the most with teams, small groups and large lectures.  To fully understand and comprehend it, I strongly suggest you exit my page, just for a minute and visit this Rick Reilly story from October 20, 2003 when Reilly was still at Sports Illustrated. Worth The Wait, by Rick Reilly After ready the Reilly primer ...[Read More]



We stumbled upon this video back in 2011 shortly after it was released, and posted to The Atlantic.  The video was shot by  The art / science of murmuration is absolutely amazing.  As a coach it is often hard to get five players, to do the right thing, at the right time.   The natural dance of these Starlings is so stunning and so humbling at the same time.  Enjoy your few mi ...[Read More]

Lou Holtz Motivational Magic

Notre Dame

I was first given this video back in the late 90’s while attending the University of Montana.  Coach Lou Holtz has always been an amazing public speaker, one I have had the privilege of seeing live a handful of times.  Even though this video was shot in the early 1990’s the message is still as important today.  This is a true gem.  Enjoy!