Character Conference 2019

Character Conference 2019

Last week I was able to attend the Character Conference 2019 at Glacier High School in Kalispell, Montana. This is the second year of this event and while my son went last year, I was not able to attend. Why did I go this year, one, because he wanted to go…and two, because the content this year, loneliness, anxiety, depression and suicide are items that have impacted my life. As a father, if ...[Read More]

Kyrie Irving – “My dad is the reason I wear #11”

This Nike commercial dropped on Thanksgiving day and what a great way to give thanks.  Drederick Irving was a single father raising two young children.  Drederick had NBA potential, even having a tryout with the Celtics in 1992, before the loss of his wife, Elizabeth, changed everything.  Like any father would, he put his dreams on hold to provide for his children.  The commercial is a heartwarmin ...[Read More]

Perseverance of the baby bear

Hat tip to @carsondaly for posting this on the @todayshow. The concept is easy, life is hard.  Watch as the baby bear tries so hard to climb the steep snowy mountain, and fail, over and over again. The bear doesn’t give up, and the momma-bear up top paces back and forth, but knows all that she can do is watch. When you think about it, the baby bear must be exhausted by the time it gets to th ...[Read More]

Teachers Pay Teachers – sharing your educational ideas


When I was in the classroom (12+ years ago), if you needed a lesson plan, there were just a handful of websites that you could visit.  They were not well organized, but they were a start.  Earlier, I saw a piece on the Today Show about a website called Teachers Pay Teachers and I have to say, it’s a brilliant idea. Think of Etsy, but for teachers.  Have a lesson plan that is wonderful, or aw ...[Read More]

Jocko Willink on Extreme Ownership

Jocko Willink – Good

Win with grace, lose with dignity

home run

The concept is simple and it is what I tell my players after every game before we go through the handshake line. Win with grace, lose with dignity. A video just surfaced on earlier today from @b757fo_jim and @cut4 of two friends, and they were friends first…but these two friends just happen to be facing each other in a baseball game where the winner gets the chance to move on to the state ch ...[Read More]

Dear Basketball – Kobe Bryant with animation

Nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film, Dear Basketball takes the letter that Kobe Bryant penned on the eve of his retirement announcement and mixes it with the magic of a custom John Williams score and legendary animator Glen Keane. The letter by itself is amazing, but when narrated by Kobe himself, then mix in the music from the man who brings Star Wars to life and add the p ...[Read More]

Buzz Williams – What are you for

Buzz Williams – What are you for

Rounding out our three post Buzz Williams series is a video Coach did for #gBTimeout #getBETTER and we want to share that message with you too. In the comments below, share “What you are for”. Too often, I think we spend too much time ➕ energy on talking about or tweeting about ‘what we are against’ Over the last 2️⃣ yrs within our program & my family, I've tried to spend that ...[Read More]

Frank Martin and Buzz Williams – the start of what are you for

Yesterday, we posted a Buzz Williams quote – today, we share the video of the press conference where the quote was sourced.  It’s worth the 18 minutes of your day to promote positive change.