Coming soon: I want to thank you

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Later today we will record the first episode of the second season of the EDGB Pod, and we are starting with author Gina Hamadey.  Gina's new book, "I Want to Thank You," was released on April 13, 2021 and has been an amazing read so far.  I want [...]

The start of Stillness

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Moments ago I started reading the much anticipated book Stillness is the Key by Ryan Holiday.  It is a book that I have anticipated for a long time, being a big fan of Holiday's past work, Ego is the Enemy.  While I read the book, my goal is to [...]


By |2016-09-14T09:00:17-06:00September 14th, 2016|Library, Quotes|

Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday “According to Seneca, the Greek word Eutemia is one we should think of often.  It is the sense of our own path and how to stay on it without getting distracted by all the others that intersect it.  It’s not about [...]

EDGB Library – Every Day I Fight

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Never have I read a book about cancer that moved me the way that this book did.  Maybe it was because I came of age just as Stuart Scott was making his move to ESPN.  Maybe be is because in society, as we see people on television, we start to [...]

EDGB Library – Nurtureshock

By |2015-06-02T10:37:40-06:00June 2nd, 2015|Library|

NurtureShock by Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman Let's break down some barriers, change how we think and use data to find best practices.  I first picked up my copy of NurtureShock back in 2009 when it was published.  At that point it was finishing a three month run [...]

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